SourceOne Solutions

Mobile Development

At SourceOne, our Mobile 2.0 Solutions have the expertise you seek in the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), including Objective C, Cocoa Touch, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Unity 3D Engine, Open AL, Augmented Reality Platforms such as Layar, Instruments Testing, Memory Management, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Audio Queue Services Programming, Core Audio, Media Player Framework, Quartz, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Animation, CFNetwork Programming, BonjourWeb, XML Parsing, RPC XMLFramework, Threading, WebKit Programming, Secure Coding, Accelerometer, GPS, Stream Programming and Core Location Framework.

Using the iPad SDK we create customized mobile and web applications for various types such as Entertainment & Multimedia, Social Networks, Communication & Messaging, News and Sports Feeds, Banking & Financial Services, Enterprise Systems like Supply Chain, ERP, CRM and Help Desk Systems. The developers at SourceOne for iPad bring in a great knowledge of User Experience Designing and Development on Tablets.

Our Android Developers have published several of the most downloaded Android apps in the world. We specialize in working with the Android Development kit, making use of the Java Programming language and running in a virtual machine on a custom Linux kernel. Android is a multitasking and multithreaded environment, so developers have significant control over things like an application's appearance and ultimate capabilities. SourceOne brings in a strong expertise of developing Mobile Apps for various types such as Gaming, Augmented Reality, Enterprise Systems such as Supply Chain, ERP, CRM, Entertainment, Multimedia, Video based Apps, etc