SourceOne Solutions

Outsourcing Methodology

Businesses worldwide have an ever growing need to optimize their processes to better support the business, reduce costs, improve quality, and improve time-to-market. Many have turned to Outsourcing and Off-shoring as one of the means and / or in-house agile application development in some cases. Agile methodologies and offshore outsourcing offers great value proposition when delivered together in a tightly coupled manner, however not many companies have truly engineered this art of integrating both of these in a seamless execution manner. Global delivery capability delivered in an Agile execution approach is SourceOne Solutions Pvt Ltd's strength, helping customers like you leverage best of both worlds.

We customize our global delivery paradigm leveraging our expertise in agile execution best practices to evaluate and provide best fit solutions, which are tailored to suit your complex business needs in an ever changing economic scenario. Using an iterative and collaborative approach while working with client teams, we prioritize requirements and scope them for subsequent iterations according to business value and technical complexity. We have successfully implemented this approach working as extended teams to our customers' IT teams and eventually bringing together benefit of both worlds - improvements in time-to-benefits, overall quality and efficiency, team morale, the relationship between IT and business staff, and ultimately resoponsiveness to change. Key benefits offered are ...

Time to benefits:

Not only improved time-to-market but also striving to deliver quantitative benefits to the organizations much more quickly than in the past.

Overall quality and efficiency:

Test-driven development ensuring that all requirements are sufficiently tested; short iterations allowing for frequent checkpoints and user feedback to validate against requirements.

Team Morale:

Self-organizing teams following guidelines and conventions and collectively owning the code and collaborating on each step of the development process.

Improved relationship between IT and business staff:

Business working along with IT developers who estimate and produce required software functions; with better control of scope of releases.

Responsiveness to change:

Processes that align to this need and including activities to address high rate of change and to respond to change in each short iteration.


Leveraging the time-to-benefit with short iterations and possible round-the-clock production cycles.

Overall quality and efficiency:

Customized traditional processes and blending the methodologies for addressing critical success factors in outsourcing, offshoring and agile application development.

People, culture, processes, tools and organization vision are the key elements that we focus on to deliver best value out of agile execution, off- shoring and outsourcing